Complete your boat with the right boat accessories.

Everything you need for a comfortable and organized stay on the boat. From beautiful boat seats to practical storage systems, stylish boat mats and bird repellents. Browse through our range and be surprised.

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Discover a World of Convenience and Comfort for your Boat

12/24 Volt Equipment :
Reliability is essential on the water, and our selection of 12/24 volt equipment provides the power and efficiency you need for a hassle-free experience. From lighting to navigation equipment, we have everything you need to equip your boat with reliable electronics.

Storage & Cleanup :
A tidy boat is a happy boat. Discover our storage systems and organizers designed to keep your gear safe and organized so you can spend more time enjoying the water and less time searching for gear.

Boat mats :
Add comfort and style to your boat with our collection of boat mats. Made from durable materials and available in a variety of styles and sizes, our boat mats are perfect for protecting your floor and adding a personal touch to your interior.

Stop Gull Seagull Chasers :
Keep annoying seagulls at bay with our stop gull seagull repellers. This effective and humane solution protects your boat against damage and nuisance caused by seagulls.

Shutters & Accessories :
Protect your boat from the elements with our high-quality hatches and accessories. From watertight hatches to air fans and mounting hardware, we have everything you need to keep your boat safe and comfortable.

Crockery :
Make every meal a special occasion with our range of boat-friendly tableware. Lightweight, durable and stylish, our tableware is perfect for dinners on board and picnics on the water.

For fishing enthusiasts we offer an extensive selection of fishing equipment. From rods and reels to bait and accessories, we have everything you need for a successful day of sea fishing.

Tables & Chairs :
Complete your boat with our comfortable and practical tables and chairs. Whether you're dining on board or just relaxing and enjoying the view, our tables and chairs are the perfect addition to your deck.

Various Accessories :
Discover our diverse selection of accessories that enhance your boating experience. From navigation aids to rescue equipment and more, we have everything you need to sail safely and comfortably.

Gift cards:
Looking for the perfect gift for a boat lover? Give them the freedom to choose with our gift vouchers, available in different amounts.

Stickers :
Personalize your boat with our high-quality stickers. Choose from a range of designs and colors to make your boat stand out on the water.

Browse our extensive range and discover everything you need to upgrade your boat into a comfortable and well-equipped oasis of fun and adventure.

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