Clean covers

Do your boat cushions and covers need maintenance? Bring them to us. This way you can really enjoy your boat again!

Boat Cushions and Covers: Maintain the Appearance of your Boat

Boat cushions and covers are not only essential for comfort on board, but they also act as the calling card of your boat. These pillows provide comfort, but are exposed to the elements every day, including sunlight and seawater. Over time, they can look dirty and lose their original freshness. It's time to take your boat cushions and covers to ZONklare. ZONklare repairs your worn boat cushions and makes them look like new again.

Professional Cushions and Covers Cleaning

We are happy to take care of your cushions and covers. Our professional laundry handles them with care and expertise. We also impregnate your cushions and covers so that they are dirt- and water-repellent again and they will look the way you prefer them: clean and like new!

Also suitable for caravan cushions

In addition to boat cushions, we also offer the same high-quality cleaning and impregnation services for caravan cushions. At ZONklare we follow the same thorough approach to keep your caravan cushions in top condition.

Choose ZONReady for professional cushions and covers cleaning and impregnation. We understand the value of a fresh look on board. Contact Bateau Bootservice today for an appointment and maintain the appearance of your boat or caravan!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my covers dirt- and water-repellent again after treatment?

Boat cushions and covers are the calling card of your boat. The cushions provide the necessary comfort, but have to withstand a lot. They are exposed to sunlight day in and day out and regularly come into contact with seawater . As a result, they no longer look as fresh over time. Time to take them to ZONklare. ZONklare breathes new life into your dirty boat cushions so that they look like new again.

We are happy to take the annoying work off your hands. We wash your cushions and covers professionally in our laundry. We also impregnate them, making them dirt- and water-repellent again. Normally you can pick them up from us within two weeks and they will be as you would like them to be: clean and like new!

In addition to the boat cushions, it is also possible to have your caravan cushion cleaned and impregnated . We follow the same method for this.

How do I get my covers ready at ZON?

You can bring your covers to us during our opening hours and we will ensure that everything can be picked up fresh and clean after a few weeks.

Can I get a quote in advance?

With our handy price list you can see exactly what it costs, which is great!

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