Kite cleaning

We at ZONklare are specialized in cleaning and impregnating kites. Bring your kite to us and we will arrange it for you!

What can we help you with?

Why is cleaning your kite so important?

UV radiation, salt water and sand affect the cloth of your kite , making it increasingly susceptible to mold and other dirt. Over time, the kite also becomes weaker, absorbs more water and loses its shape. That is why it is important to have the kite cleaned and impregnated regularly. SUN-ready makes your kite like new again.

How do I get my hood, tarpaulin or boat tent from ZONReady?

You can bring your boat cover to us during our opening hours and we will ensure that everything can be picked up fresh and clean after a few weeks.

If a repair is needed, we can repair it in our own sail making workshop

Can I get a quote in advance?

We work with a price list . Certain items go per kilo, such as spray hoods, awnings and tarpaulins, others per m2 for large sails and jib sails

View the price list and know where you stand, which is great!

What makes the water-repellent coating unique?

It may seem easy to clean your kite yourself, but there is more to it than you think. Just using a shampoo or other cleanser is not enough. The temperature and soaking time determine the end result. ZONklare knows this better than anyone and is happy to take this annoying job off your hands. The employees of ZONklare are specialized in cleaning and impregnating kites. Bring your kite to one of our Collection Points and we will arrange it for you!

In addition to cleaning and cleaning, ZONklare provides the kite with a protective coating, making the cloth dirt- and water-repellent. This protective layer keeps the kite dry and does not absorb water. Having it cleaned and impregnated on time ensures that dirt does not penetrate the cloth and this ensures an extra long lifespan .

Why is it important to have your awning cleaned and impregnated?

Beautiful, fresh appearance : regularly cleaning and impregnating the awning ensures a nicer appearance and a refreshed appearance.

Improved water repellency : regular impregnation ensures improved water repellency of the tent. This means the water drains better and the tent dries faster.

Extending the lifespan : Cleaning removes dirt and stains that can affect the tent canvas, while impregnating applies a water and dirt-repellent layer to the canvas and protects it against moisture. This increases the fabric's resistance to wear and thus extends its lifespan.

Protection against weather influences : the coating we apply protects the awning against rain, wind, dirt and UV radiation.

Easier storage : If the awning is clean and impregnated, it is easier to store. This way your awning will remain in good condition for longer.

Kite Cleaning for Longer Life and Optimal Performance

The fabric of your kite is constantly exposed to harmful elements such as UV radiation, salt water and sand, which makes it more susceptible to mold and other dirt. Over time, your kite may become weaker, absorb more water and lose its original shape. It is therefore essential to have your kite cleaned and impregnated regularly. ZONklare is ready to get your kite back into top condition.

Professional Cleaning and Protection

Although it may be tempting to clean your kite yourself, this is a job that requires more expertise than you might think. A simple shampoo or cleanser is often not sufficient. Factors such as temperature and soaking time play a crucial role in the end result. At ZONklare we understand this better than anyone, and we are happy to take over this time-consuming task for you. Our specialized employees are skilled in cleaning and impregnating kites.

Protection against Water and Dirt

In addition to thorough cleaning, ZONklare provides your kite with a water-repellent coating, making the cloth dirt and water resistant again. Thanks to this protective layer, your kite stays dry and does not absorb water. Timely cleaning and impregnation prevents dirt from penetrating the cloth and significantly extends the lifespan of your kite.

We would also like to let you know that we are an official collection point for Zonklare. You can hand in your Flybridge to us and we will take care of the rest. Together we can ensure that your Flybridge remains in top condition, ready to protect and provide shade at any time.

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