Anyone who chooses the pleasure of water sports is very fond of freedom and tranquility. To enjoy this, a well-functioning boat is a prerequisite. Maintenance is therefore important.

During the winter period it is important to have your boat serviced or prepared for winter. With inboard engines it is wise to have the boat drained and preserved. This prevents the engine block from freezing and cracking. These are major expenses that can easily be avoided. Insurance companies usually do not pay out for this damage. If you have prepared the engine for winter yourself and something may have gone wrong, most insurance companies will not pay out because this was done yourself. So have this done by a recognized company. We can assist you with this.

Furthermore, it is of course important that your engine is checked every year. Of course, we always consult with you first about any repairs. Cleaning the underside of the boat and the tailpiece is also possible. This is important because it greatly benefits the sailing characteristics.
And when the sailing season starts, your boat will be ready to sail and hopefully you can enjoy it to the fullest, because water sports are and remain something unique!
To keep everything clear and transparent for the customer and us, we use the Metaalunie conditions , feel free to read them.