What can we do for you in the sail laundry?

  • Clean the spray hood

    Professional cleaning of the spray hood not only increases its lifespan, but also improves the appearance of the hood.

  • Clean the tarpaulin

    We clean your tarpaulin with a cleaning agent specially developed by ZONklare. The temperature in the bath is a maximum of 20°C, making the soaking process 100% shrink-free.

  • Cleaning the awning

    Does your awning need a makeover? Bring it to us! After cleaning and impregnating, your tent will be sparkling clean again and guaranteed waterproof!

  • Cleaning sails

    Whether it concerns cruising (tour sailing), cruising offshore or performance (competition sailing). Over time, all sails are exposed to all kinds of pollution such as bird and spider droppings, salt stains, algae and mold.

  • Cleaning cushions

    Do your boat cushions and covers need maintenance? Bring them to us. This way you can really enjoy your boat again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we clean?

How do I get my hood, tarpaulin or boat tent from ZONReady?

You can bring your boat cover to us during our opening hours and we will ensure that everything can be picked up fresh and clean after a few weeks.

If a repair is needed, we can repair it in our own sail making workshop

Can I get a quote in advance?

We work with a price list . Certain items go per kilo, such as spray hoods, awnings and tarpaulins, others per m2 for large sails and jib sails

View the price list and know where you stand, which is great!

Five reasons to have your boat tent cleaned and impregnated regularly

Extension of lifespan. Dirt, algae and moss can accumulate on the surface and lead to discoloration and deterioration of the tent canvas. This contamination is removed by having your boat tent cleaned regularly. During an impregnation treatment we apply a protective layer to the cloth, so that new contamination has less chance.

Protection against water, moisture and UV radiation : By having your boat tent impregnated, it is protected against external influences such as water, moisture and UV radiation. This helps to strengthen the material of your boat tent and extend its lifespan.

Reduction of discoloration : Regular cleaning of your boat tent can help prevent discoloration, so your boat always looks neat.

Easier to keep clean : By impregnating the boat tent, dirt is less likely to be attracted and the tent is easier to keep clean.

Improving hygiene: By regularly cleaning the boat tent, life on board becomes more hygienic. This is especially important when living on the boat often (with food or drinks).

Why is it important to have your awning cleaned and impregnated?

Beautiful, fresh appearance : regularly cleaning and impregnating the awning ensures a nicer appearance and a refreshed appearance.

Improved water repellency : regular impregnation ensures improved water repellency of the tent. This means the water drains better and the tent dries faster.

Extending the lifespan : Cleaning removes dirt and stains that can affect the tent canvas, while impregnating applies a water and dirt-repellent layer to the canvas and protects it against moisture. This increases the fabric's resistance to wear and thus extends its lifespan.

Protection against weather influences : the coating we apply protects the awning against rain, wind, dirt and UV radiation.

Easier storage : If the awning is clean and impregnated, it is easier to store. This way your awning will remain in good condition for longer.

Five reasons to have sails cleaned and impregnated

Extension of lifespan
By regularly cleaning and impregnating you extend the lifespan of your sails . You protect the tarpaulin against aging: this means they wear out less quickly and retain their strength.

Protection against friction
When sailing, friction can occur between the sails and the hardware, such as the winches and pulleys. Friction can lead to wear. By regularly cleaning and impregnating the sails, you protect them against friction.

Reduction of pollution
Sails can quickly become dirty due to rain, sun, salt water, and other environmental factors. Regular cleaning keeps the sails in good condition.

Improvement of aerodynamics :
Dirty and unprotected sails are less efficient at catching the wind. By regularly cleaning and impregnating, you increase the aerodynamic efficiency of your sails.

Improving the appearance: Clean and impregnated sails look better and that reflects on your entire boat. This is certainly important if you plan to sell or rent your boat.

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