Which color bimini top suits my boat?

Selecting the right color for your bimini top or awning is a personal choice, but we are happy to offer some suggestions to help you. We have five beautiful colors available: black, navy blue, taupe, light gray and anthracite gray.

When choosing a color for your bimini top or awning there are some considerations you can make. Although the warmth under the hood is not dependent on the color due to the open construction, the color can make an aesthetic difference and contribute to the overall appearance of your boat. Here are some suggestions for choosing the right color:

  • Black : A neutral color that easily blends in with other colors because it is not dominant. This makes black very versatile and popular.
  • Navy Blue : A beautiful color that goes well with blue accents on your boat, putting the accent on this color.
  • Taupe : A versatile color that goes well with dark boats such as black or anthracite, but also looks nice on boats with beige, green or red accents.
  • Anthracite Gray : A new addition to the bimini top series, matches well with black, beige or white boats, but can also be combined with boats with green, blue or red accents.
  • Light gray : A fresh and calm color that goes well with other colors such as blue or anthracite, creating a beautiful whole.

We hope this information helps you make your choice. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!