Cleaning the gennaker and spinnaker

Have your gennaker or spinnaker professionally cleaned for top results. We ensure that you can pick up your headsails fresh and clean!

What can we help you with?

How do I get my gennaker or spinnaker from ZONReady?

You can bring your gennaker or spinnaker to us during our opening hours and we will ensure that everything can be picked up fresh and clean after a few weeks.

If a repair is needed, we can repair it in our own sail making workshop

Can I get a quote in advance?

View the price list and know where you stand, which is great!

Five reasons to have your gennaker or spinnaker regularly cleaned and impregnated

1. Extension of lifespan. Dirt, algae and moss can accumulate on the surface and lead to discoloration and deterioration of the tent canvas. This contamination is removed by having your gennaker or spinnaker cleaned regularly. With an impregnation treatment we apply a protective layer to the cloth, so that new contamination has less chance.

2. Protection against water, moisture and UV radiation. By having your gennaker or spinnaker impregnated, it is protected against external influences such as water, moisture and UV radiation. This helps to strengthen the material of your gennaker or spinnaker and extend its lifespan.

3. Reduction of discoloration. Regular cleaning of your gennaker or spinnaker can help prevent discoloration, so your boat always looks neat.

4. Easier to keep clean. By impregnating the gennaker or spinnaker, dirt is less likely to be attracted and the tent is easier to keep clean.

5. Improvement of hygiene. By regularly cleaning the gennaker or spinnaker, life on board becomes more hygienic. This is especially important when living on the boat often (with food or drinks).

To significantly increase the lifespan of your gennaker or spinnaker, it is important to have the sail periodically cleaned and reapplied with a protective coating. The sail of the gennaker and the spinnaker have different shapes. ZONklare controls the washing process for these sails like no other. This benefits both the representative character and the sailing properties of the sail. Cleaning and impregnating We clean your sails in an innovative, sustainable and wear-free way with the Airless Washing Method. We place the sails in a stainless steel vacuum chamber. The machine removes the air and water from the voids between the sail layers, then introduces the cleaning agent that penetrates each layer. We then apply a water and dirt-repellent coating to your headsails. This layer offers protection against dirt, but also against UV radiation.

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