Anchor supplies

In addition to the anchor itself, there are various accessories and accessories that can be useful when anchoring a boat. Consider anchor line , anchor buoys and anchor ball .

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More information about anchor accessories

What is an anchor chain for?

A chain is often used between the anchor and the anchor line (rope) to hold the anchor on the bottom and provide additional weight for stability.

You can also opt for an anchor line with a weighted front part in the line. This will have the same beneficial effect!

What is an anchor line for?

This is the rope attached to the anchor and used to connect the boat. It must be strong enough to hold the boat in place.

What is a buoy for?

A buoy can be attached to the end of the anchor line to make picking up the anchor easier and to indicate the position of the anchor.

What is an anchor winch for?

An anchor windlass is a mechanical or electrical device that allows you to lower and raise the anchor without manual effort.

What is an anchor roller for?

The anchor roller, mounted on the bow of the boat, helps in the smooth lowering and raising of the anchor.

What is an anchor buoy for?

An anchor buoy is a floating mark placed above the anchor so that the anchor's location is easily identified.

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