Clean mainsail

Your mainsail will be cleaner and faster after a professional cleaning and impregnation treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my mainsail from ZONReady?

You can bring your mainsail to us during our opening hours and we will ensure that everything can be picked up fresh and clean after a few weeks.

If a repair is needed, we can repair it in our own sail making workshop

Can I get a quote in advance?

View the price list and know where you stand, which is great!

Why coating on your sails is so important

Fair weather sailors and competitive sailors have one thing in common: they hate weak, 'loose' sails. But a sail that is a bit older will naturally become weaker. That's because the finish applied at the factory becomes thinner and eventually disappears completely. That is also what happens during the cleaning process: what little finish is left is washed out and disappears completely.

When the finish disappears over time, contamination and/or discoloration due to UV radiation, moisture, mold and bird droppings take their chance. Contamination and discoloration are not harmless factors, but affect the structure of the tissue. That is why we advise you to always combine cleaning your sails with the treatment of our ST-02 coating. This protects and strengthens your sail.

Dual effect of our ST-02 coating

The effect of our coating is twofold:

  1. Protection of your sail
    The coating protects your sail against dirt, water and UV radiation. If you only clean the sail and then do not apply a protective coating, the sail will become dirty much faster and will be more difficult to clean. A coated cloth also absorbs less moisture, is therefore lighter in the rain and will dry faster.
  2. Reinforcing your sail
    Immediately after the washing process the sails feel 'limp'. The special factory treatment has disappeared. Our ST-02 coating imitates the trick of the factory coating by not only protecting your sails, but also strengthening them. She does this by slightly connecting the warp and weft threads again. This ensures a reduction in diagonal stretch and a sturdier and stiffer sail. The result: less deformation, a better profile and improvement in sailing properties.

Clean, protected and sturdy sails

When you pick up your sails again, they are not only clean, fresh and nice and sturdy. By having your sails regularly cleaned and coated, they stay clean for longer, thus saving costs. The coating also prevents the structure of the fabric from being affected, thus extending the lifespan of your sails. Our coating strengthens your sail and improves the profile, so you can sail higher upwind.

Five reasons to have sails cleaned and impregnated

1. Extension of lifespan.
By regularly cleaning and impregnating you extend the lifespan of your sails. You protect the tarpaulin against aging: this means they wear out less quickly and retain their strength.

2. Protection against friction.
When sailing, friction can occur between the sails and the hardware, such as the winches and pulleys. Friction can lead to wear. By regularly cleaning and impregnating the sails, you protect them against friction.

3. Reduction of pollution.
Sails can quickly become dirty due to rain, sun, salt water, and other environmental factors. Regular cleaning keeps the sails in good condition.

4. Improving aerodynamics.
Dirty and unprotected sails are less efficient at catching the wind. By regularly cleaning and impregnating, you increase the aerodynamic efficiency of your sails.

5. Improving appearance. Clean and impregnated sails look better and that reflects on your entire boat. This is certainly important if you plan to sell or rent your boat.

Mainsail Cleaning for Extended Life and Optimal Performance

To significantly extend the lifespan of your mainsail and to prevent delamination (the release of glued laminate layers), it is very important to regularly clean your sail and provide it with a new protective coating. This not only to give your sail a representative appearance, but also to optimize the sailing properties.

Thorough, Wear-Free Cleaning

With us, your mainsail is washed using the unique Airless Washing Method, which prevents wear and tear. Unlike regular cleaning methods, no abrasive movements, heat or pressure are used. In addition, we work with a closed system, which allows us to save significantly on water consumption and energy. In this way we combine efficiency with environmental friendliness.

Smart Impregnation for Improved Performance

Impregnating means that we apply a dirt and water-repellent coating, which not only protects your mainsail against dirt and UV radiation, but also gives it a boost in performance. If you are an avid sailor, we recommend our ST-2 coating. With this coating we go a step further by reconnecting the warp and weft threads, resulting in reduced diagonal stretch. This is especially beneficial for horizontally cut sails and ensures less deformation, a better profile, less heeling, and therefore more speed for your boat. The mainsail also feels sturdier and stiffer thanks to the ST-2 coating.

We would also like to let you know that we are an official collection point for Zonklare. You can hand in your mainsail to us and we will take care of the rest. Together we can ensure that your Mainsail remains in top condition, ready to protect and provide shade at any time.

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