What size bimini top do I need?

Welke maat biminitop heb ik nodig? - Bateau Bootservice

Christine Kramer |

I receive the same question every day. I often see bimini tops on the water. My suspicion is that the owners of these boats may not have received the right advice. After all, you want the best balance between practical and beautiful!

Unfortunately, choosing the right bimini top is often not difficult if you know what to measure. That's why I'm going to explain to you what steps you need to take to make the right choice

How do I determine the right size for my bimini top?

When purchasing a bimini top, you are faced with a crucial choice: size. Bimini tops come in different heights, widths and lengths, and these choices ultimately determine how much shade your bimini top will provide. Here are some steps to help you determine the right size:

Step 1: Determine mounting points on the boat (Width).

The essential mounting points of the bimini top are located approximately in the middle on both sides, which determines the width of the bimini.
This width differs from the actual width of your boat, because the bimini top can be mounted in different ways.

Options include:

  • On deck, when purchasing a bimini top, standard swivel deck mounting brackets are included to properly mount the bimini top on the boat. It is important to know that these deck eyes are designed for a flat surface
  • The side of the boat (both inside and outside) Side mounting brackets are required for side mounting
  • Hinged sliding brackets are required on a railing, for railing mounting
  • On a window (for example on a speedboat). Deck brackets with a concave bottom are suitable for window mounting.
  • On a rubber boat. a rubber boat requires special pads that must be glued to the boat with a two-component adhesive. If you want to attach the bimini top in a different way.

Mark with a pencil where you want to attach the deck eyelets on your boat and measure the distance between these points. This determines the width of your bimini top. For example, if the width is 175 cm, this falls within the range of size 170-182 cm or 170-190 cm, for example. Take into account that the stainless steel version is approximately 10 cm narrower. In the case of a measured width of 175 cm, you arrive at the size 185-198 cm.

Step 2: Determine the height of your bimini top.

Stand in the boat and measure (place where the mounting brackets will be placed) straight up what space you still need, ensuring that there is sufficient space above your head. This is the height you need for your bimini top. Here too it is good to know that a bimini top is a bit higher due to the arches in the middle, so allow about 15 cm for this. The rule of thumb is the lower, the more shade, the higher, the more standing height. It is worth thinking about this carefully, because sun is nice, but protection is better.

Step 3: Determine the length of your bimini top.

The length of the bimini top is determined by the number of arches, the more arches the longer the canvas. See where and how you will store the bimini top. Check that there is enough space at the back to lower the bimini top. Also measure carefully whether there is enough space to mount the mounting eyes on your boat, to which the tension straps of the bimini top are attached. To give an example: The size bimini top 117 cm is 160 cm long when folded.

When choosing the length you have some options for cloth lengths. The sizes are 130, 160, 183, 220, 244 cm, this depends on what width and height you need.

When choosing the length, take into account the available space on board and the storage options for the bimini top. The advantage of many bimini tops is that they are equipped with support poles as standard so that the bimini top can remain upright when folded. Keep in mind that your cover has room for this. This way you are assured of a bimini top that perfectly suits your needs and the specifications of your boat.

If you have any doubts, you can always contact us.

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