Ready to dock in just a few seconds

In een paar seconden klaar om aan te meren - Bateau Bootservice

When the boat needs to be prepared for mooring, hanging and positioning the fenders can take up an unnecessary amount of time. With the Fastfender this is a thing of the past!

With the Fastfender, anyone can hang a fender without the hassle of knots!

By using the Fastfender, everyone on board can attach or store a fender.

First place the two hooks around the railing, as shown in the first and second images. Then turn the Fastfender 90° and the fender is attached!

Prepare Fastfender for use

Insert the rope into the bottom of the Fastfender and bring the loose end to the ribbed opening and pull the rope down through the ribs. The Fastfender is ready to use!

Adjust the height of the fender

Using the integrated rope clamp, you can easily adjust the height of your fenders

Pull the rope a little so that the rope comes out freely the rope clamp, as shown in the first two images. Now adjust the pad to the desired height and guide the rope back into the rope clamp and it's done!

Securing the fenders

We always recommend tying a knot at the end of your rope. This way your fenders are always secured!

If you tie the knot at the ideal height of your fender, you can attach the Fastfender and let the rope loosen. The knot then falls into the opening of the Fastfender, as shown in the first picture. This way your fenders are always at the perfect height.

Storing your fenders

With the Fastfender it is very easy to store your fenders. For example, hang them at the stern of your ship, so that they are within reach when they are needed again.

FastFenders the solution