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  • Stressvrij aanmeren in de haven - Bateau Bootservice

    Stress-free mooring in the harbour

    In the world of water sports, everyone knows the feeling of arriving at the harbor after a fun day. Sometimes every second is precious and you want to dock quickly...

    Christine Kramer

  • Welke maat biminitop heb ik nodig? - Bateau Bootservice

    What size bimini top do I need?

    I receive the same question every day. I often see bimini tops on the water. My suspicion is that the owners of these boats may not have received the right...

    Christine Kramer

  • In een paar seconden klaar om aan te meren - Bateau Bootservice

    Ready to dock in just a few seconds

    When the boat needs to be prepared for mooring, hanging and positioning the fenders can take up an unnecessary amount of time. With the Fastfender this is a thing of...

    Christine Kramer

  • Kan mijn tent krimpen door het wassen? - Bateau Bootservice

    Can my tent shrink due to washing?

    Our tests showed that this was not the case. But why is it that a tent sometimes no longer fits after washing? We got to the bottom of this a...

    Christine Kramer

  • Wat voor anker heb ik nodig? - Bateau Bootservice

    What kind of anchor do I need?

    That's a fair question! In the world of water sports, choosing the right anchor for your boat is crucial. Whether you're an experienced boater or just starting out, the variety...

    Christine Kramer

  • Welke stootwil of fender is geschikt voor mijn boot? - Bateau Bootservice

    Which fender or fender is suitable for my boat?

    Which fender or fender is suitable for my boat? We will answer this question for you. Protect your boat against scratches with fenders and fenders Fenders, also known as fenders...

    Christine Kramer