The propeller is an important part of your engine's performance. The right propeller takes you where you need to go, with maximum speed, maximum power and maximum efficiency. The wrong propeller increases fuel consumption, reduces top speed and can even damage the engine
damage some cases.

How do I know if I have the right screw?

The screw size is correct when the engine reaches full throttle at maximum speed (* value specified by the manufacturer). If the engine does not reach maximum speed, you should reduce the pitch. If the engine revs too much, you need to increase the pitch.

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3 blade or 4 blade 4 blade propellers accelerate
better, improve steering behavior and respond faster to the throttle compared to
3-blade propellers. 4-blade propellers are also generally better
balance resulting in fewer vibrations. So 4-blade propellers are
ideal for heavier boats or water skiing. 3-blade propellers
however, achieve higher speeds. Also available are 3-blade propellers
cheaper than 4-blade propellers.

Stainless steel or aluminum Stainless steel is stronger and more durable
also more expensive than aluminum. Stainless steel screws usually achieve higher performance
top speeds than aluminum propellers.

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